School Based Rehabilitation Services (SBRS)

The School Based Rehabilitation Services program exists to ensure that children with rehabilitation needs are able to attend school, participate in school activities and receive instruction.  Therapy is provided in the school setting by contracted service providers and includes: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Language Pathology.  Services involve short-term consultation, training and intervention for specific rehabilitation needs.  Referrals to this program must be made by the school. If you feel that this service would be appropriate for your child, but they have not been referred, please discuss this with your school. The school will work with you to determine if it would be appropriate for your child to be referred for this service.

The provincial government is transferring oversight of School Based Rehabilitation Services in publicly funded schools from Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) to Children’s Treatment Centres (CTCs) across Ontario between November 2018 and January 2019.  Children’s Treatment Network (CTN) will be managing these services in Simcoe, Muskoka, Central Toronto and York Region. There will be no change to the service providers for children currently receiving services in publicly funded schools.

North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN – To Children’s Treatment Network: December 3, 2018   
Toronto Central LHIN – To Children’s Treatment Network: December 17, 2018
Central LHIN – To Children’s Treatment Network: December 17, 2018

For a list of School Based Rehab Services partners, click here.
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Do You Have More Questions?

Please submit your general questions about School Based Rehabilitation Services to
Check back regularly to see posted responses.  If you have questions specific to your child- please continue to contact the LHIN or your service provider agency prior to transition.  After transition, please continue to contact your current service provider agency or call CTN if your child is waiting for services.

How to Contact Us

CTN’s School Based Rehabilitation Services phone line is now active. Many of your questions may be answered on our frequently asked questions section. Please read this before you call. We will respond to your calls as quickly as we are able.  
After services have transferred from the LHINs, to speak with one of our Team Assistants or Service Navigators please call: 647-351-9900 (local GTA number) or 1-877-972-7277.

While You Wait

Please talk to your child’s school about other services and supports available while you wait.


If you have a question, concern or complaint, we encourage you to speak to your clinician, a member of your child's team, or Local Team Facilitator right away so they can help to address it. If you are uncomfortable speaking with a staff member, or feel your situation requires further attention, please fill out a Formal Complaint Form and submit it directly to CTN.
Formal Complaint Policy - English or French
Click here for our Formal Complaint Form. If you would like to share a concern, compliment or other feedback, contact us.

For Privacy Guidelines related to this service, click here.

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