School Based Rehabilitation Services (SBRS)

School-Based Rehabilitation Services (SBRS) consists of the delivery of speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy for kids and youth in publicly funded schools to support their functioning and development to help them fully participate in the school curriculum. Services are provided in the school setting or virtually by contracted service providers and involve short-term consultation, training and intervention for specific rehabilitation needs.

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    What services are available through CTN’s School Based Rehabilitation Services (SBRS)?
    The following services are provided:
    • Occupational therapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Speech therapy
    Services may include a consultation or direct intervention through individual and group sessions. Rehabilitation assistants may also be involved in providing services.

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    What is an occupational therapist?
    Occupational therapists (OTs) are regulated health professionals who help kids and youth to develop fine motor skills (e.g., printing, cutting), gross motor skills (e.g., jumping, throwing), self-care skills (e.g., putting on coat, doing up zippers, opening packages) and self-regulation skills (e.g., being able to control emotions and actions).
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    What is a physiotherapist?
    Physiotherapists (PTs) are regulated health professionals who help kids and youth develop gross motor skills (e.g., walking, running, jumping). PTs can help with rehabilitation after injury or surgery and ensure students can access all areas of their school.

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    What is a speech language pathologist?
    Speech language pathologists (SLPs) or speech therapists are regulated health professionals who help kids and youth develop their communication skills. SBRS SLPs work on improving speech clarity and smooth flow of speech. SLPs also ensure the use of good vocal habits and a healthy voice.
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    Who is eligible for SBRS?
    Kids and youth in publicly funded schools with select rehabilitation needs may access services from school entry up until their exit from secondary school. In addition to SBRS, some rehabilitation services are also provided by school boards and other organizations. Your child’s school can answer any questions you may have about whether they are eligible for a referral to SBRS.
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    Who provides CTN’s SBRS services?
    CTN manages the referral processes for SBRS and has agreements with a network of service providers to deliver SBRS.

    In Simcoe, CTN works with Closing the Gap, The Speech Clinic, and Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre.

    In York Region, CTN works with Closing the Gap, RNS Healthcare Services, 1 to 1 Rehab, Monarch House, and Oak Valley Health.

    In Central and West Toronto, CTN works with 1 to 1 Rehab, Closing the Gap, Speech Specialists, and Monarch House.

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    How do I refer my child for SBRS?
    All new referrals to SBRS must be made by the child’s school. Referrals require the parent/guardian’s consent and approval by the school principal or designate. Please talk to your child’s teacher if you would like to know more about referrals to SBRS.
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    How are referrals managed? Is SBRS service ‘first-come, first-serve’?
    Your child’s needs are important to us. Each referral we receive is reviewed by our team and prioritized according to urgency.

    If a child/youth is unable to safely attend school without OT/PT services immediately involved, the referral is prioritized.   

    All other kids and youth will be placed on the waiting list based on their assessed level of need and in the order that their referral was received. Waitlists vary based on the type of service that is needed. A child may wait up to one to three years for SBRS to begin. We will work hard to have your child seen as quickly as possible.

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    What is a Tiered Model of Service?
    Please click here for more information about this new initiative in Simcoe County.
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    What resources are available while my child is waiting for SBRS services?
    Please contact CTN by emailing or call 1-866-377-0286 (Toll Free) if you would like to book an appointment to talk with one of our service navigators about community resources, private service options and online resources. For kids and youth with occupational therapy (OT) needs, helpful resources can be found by exploring the “Tips for Developing Skills at Home and School" section on our Online Resource Centre.
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    What happens if we move to another school or out of the region?
    If your child moves schools, please notify the CTN team by emailing or call 1-866-377-0286 (Toll Free), then press option 2. If you move out of the region, CTN will (with consent) assist in transferring the referral to the SBRS provider in that region. The date of the original referral will transfer to the new region.
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    Who do I contact if I have questions about SBRS?
    For general questions about SBRS, contact CTN by emailing or call (toll free) 1-866-377-0286, then press option 2.

How to Contact Us

Our staff is available to take your call Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Many of your questions may be answered on our frequently asked questions section (see above). Please read this before you call. We will respond to your calls as quickly as we are able.  

To speak with one of our team assistants or service navigators please call: 1-866-377-0286.

While You Wait

Please talk to your child’s school about other services and supports available while you wait or to check out our tips for developing skills for home and school like handwriting, tying shoelaces and scissor handling, click here.


If you have a question, concern or complaint, we encourage you to speak to your clinician, a member of your child's team, or Community and Family Coordinator right away so they can help to address it. If you are uncomfortable speaking with a staff member, or feel your situation requires further attention, please fill out a Formal Complaint Form and submit it directly to CTN.

If you would like to share a concern, compliment or other feedback, contact us.

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