How We Work

Children get connected to CTN in different ways. It could be through a referral from a family physician or pediatrician, early intervention services, the school or by calling our ACCESS line at 1-866-377-0286. Once that referral comes in, a service navigator will contact you via telephone to have a conversation and determine your family’s needs.
Once CTN has an idea of the services your child needs, we will make appropriate referrals and connections to the right programs and services. Some of these programs and services are provided directly by CTN staff, while others are contracted to our appropriate partner organizations. A service navigator works closely with every family to work through this process.
Some services require an assessment to determine whether your child is eligible. Even if it is determined that CTN can not provide your child with direct service, we will work with your family to ensure you are connected to appropriate community resources.

Network Leadership

Because CTN provides services through a network of community, healthcare and educational organizations, we know it is important to bring people together to ensure that the strategic directions and operations of the network are working well. We do this through two collaborative groups and additional project-based working groups as needed.

System Operations

Made up of leaders from partner organizations and CTN’s senior leadership team, the System Operations group is responsible for ensuring the vision and mission of the network are carried out operationally and strategically through partnered service delivery, and network administration efforts.

Clinical Operations

This group is responsible for the clinical leadership and operations of the network. Clinical leaders represent our partner organizations and several of CTN’s leadership team members work collaboratively to ensure our network’s clinical operations are working in efficient, effective and family-centred ways.





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