Strategic Plan 2022 - 2027

Better Together: CTN's Strategic Plan 2022-2027

The strategic plan at Children’s Treatment Network (CTN) is a collective call to action. It focuses our work with the people who are most important in our network: the kids, youth and families we serve, employees, partners and volunteers. It provides flexibility so CTN can be responsive in an ever-changing environment.strategic plan

Our Mission

Together with our partners, we work with kids, youth and their families to support development and well-being.

Our Vision

A vibrant community where all kids, youth and families belong.

Our Values

In all that we do, we are guided by four core values:
inclusion collaboration responsibilty
Inclusion - Build a sense of belonging and champion equity for everyone.

Collaboration - Evolve by working together, supporting one another and having fun.

Responsibility - Provide services in the best way possible through exceptional accountability and stewardship practices.

Innovation - Lead with creativity and agility when exploring new and responsive ways to grow and change.


Our Strategic Directions

peoplePeople at the centre of what we do

Provide opportunities for kids, youth, families, employees, partners and volunteers to shape their experiences with the network and build a sense of community.

  • Commit to collaborating with kids, youth and families in our work.
  • Create a sense of well-being and engagement.
  • Foster connections that nurture positive shared experiences.

ExcellenceStrive for excellence

Champion our role as leaders to support the development and well-being of kids, youth and their families.

  • Identify and remove barriers to equity by implementing diversity and inclusion practices broadly.
  • Leverage innovative practices and technology to deliver quality services based on community needs.
  • Build a culture of quality through performance and measurement.

Accountability Foster a culture of accountability and stewardship to support community needs

Maximize how we use our resources through responsible governance and performance management.

  • Align the role of the network by clarifying partnership types and responsibilities.
  • Explore different types of partnerships and funding sources.
  • Champion a culture of quality by implementing sustainable performance measurement practices.

Transformation-177x177.png Transformation through equitable, data-driven innovation

Modernize and improve access to service using information and technology to meet the diverse needs of kids, youth and families based on their experiences.

  • Develop clear and objective clinical outcomes.
  • Assess and use tools to enable effective service delivery and communication.
  • Collect and use data equitably and ethically

What does this strategic plan mean to the kids and youth we serve?
Introducing CTN's first picture book, "The Magic Key", inspired by our new strategic plan. Listen to a special reading by Jack, who receives services from CTN, and his mom Erin.

To flip through the book with your own family, click here.