Psychological Services

We provide neuropsychological consultation, assessment and diagnosis for kids and youth who have complex medical and/or neurological conditions or some neurodevelopmental disorders. Our clinicians take an evidence-based approach to clinical care. We strive to integrate our services within the larger community team and contribute to goal setting and program/treatment recommendations whenever possible.

What we do

We provide neuropsychological consultation, assessment and diagnosis for kids and youth living in York Region and Simcoe County. A neuropsychological assessment can provide information about many areas of a person’s cognitive and social-emotional functioning including:
  • Intelligence
  • Academic achievement
  • Language
  • Visual-spatial processing
  • Fine motor & visual-motor processing
  • Attention
  • Learning & memory
  • Executive functioning
  • Anxiety & low mood
Neuropsychological assessments are similar to psycho-educational assessments but are designed to understand the relationship between cognitive skills, behaviour and brain function. With permission from the family, we share information and recommendations about programming and services with a child’s team, including educators, therapists and physicians.


We accept referrals for kids and youth between the ages of 4 and 18 (up to 21 if the individual is still in high school) who have a known neurological or neurodevelopmental condition including:
  • Acquired brain injury (e.g. traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumour, encephalitis)
  • Seizure disorder
  • Cerebral palsy (only children who are being followed by a pediatrician at CTN in the Neuromotor clinics)
  • Complex medical conditions believed to impact neurodevelopment


Referrals for a neuropsychological assessment at CTN are accepted from most community professionals but NOT from families directly.  Prior to completing the Specialty Services Referral Form professionals are advised to contact Dr. Saltzman-Benaiah to ensure the appropriateness of the referral. Referrals will not be accepted without pre-approval.

If your child has been booked for a virtual assessment, please click here.