Four Pillars of Service Delivery

Family Centred Care, Solution Focused Coaching, Integrated Care and the F-Words for Child Development are the foundational pillars in the delivery of services and supports for kids, youth and their families. As a network leader, CTN aspires to promote these family-friendly approaches throughout the network.

Family-Centred Service

Family-Centred Service is a set of values, attitudes and approaches to services for kids with disabilities and their families. It recognizes that each family is unique, that the family is the constant in the child's life and that they are the experts on the child's abilities and needs. The family works with service providers to make informed decisions about the services and supports the child and family receive. With this approach, the strengths and needs of all family members are considered.

Solution Focused Coaching

Solution Focused Coaching is a powerful approach that encourages individuals to focus on solutions rather than problems. It promotes building on strengths rather than weaknesses and finding positive ways to move forward rather than examining barriers. It focuses on helping kids, youth and their families move towards the future that they want and to learn what can be done differently by using their existing skills, strategies and ideas.

Integrated Care

Integrated Care can be described as coordinated and seamless care across sectors including health, education, rehabilitation, developmental services and other community supports. Integrated care is especially important for kids and youth with chronic or complex conditions, as they frequently require support by multiple providers in multiple locations over extended time periods. During transitions, including educational, physical and life stage changes, increased coordination and integration of services is often required.  

F-Words for Child Development

Introduced by Dr. Peter Rosenbaum and Dr. Jan Willem Gorter of CanChild, the F-Words for Child Development are grounded in the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (the ICF). The six F-Words identify key areas of focus for child development: functioning, family, fitness, fun, friends and future. Embracing the concept can encourage families and service providers to create individualized plans of care for kids and youth that focus on these six areas identifying what is most important to them.