Family Engagement

CTN strongly believes in engaging families at all levels—from their own individual experiences to governance and operations. We want families to have the opportunity to be involved with CTN in a way that makes sense for them and families are always considered partners in the work we do. We also want to ensure we are connected to families, have opportunities to share ideas and priorities and also communicate information in ways that are relevant, interesting and timely. Our family engagement groups help us do this.

Family Advisory Committee (FAC)

A collaborative group of parents, caregivers, service professionals and CTN staff, the FAC provides CTN with advice and guidance on policies, planning, implementation and evaluation of family engagement strategies, activities and materials. The volunteers and staff members on our commitee work as partners and are dedicated to sharing lived and professional experience and expertise. 

To gain an understanding of the work and discussions of CTN’s FAC click below to access Past Meeting Minutes.

We are now recruiting for FAC members in Simcoe County and York Region.
If you're interested in volunteering with our FAC please view the role description and complete an application and send it to Heather Hamilton at If you require any accommodations or assistance to fill out the application please contact Heather. 

Social Media Working Group

CTN uses a variety of social media vehicles to connect with families, including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. We want to ensure the content we are sharing is important to families and our Social Media Working Group helps us do that. Volunteers have an opportunity to make a difference from the comfort of their own home as their main responsibility is sharing the interesting articles, blog posts, videos and memes they see online with us.

If you’re interested in volunteering with our Social Media Working Group, contact us. We’d love to hear from you!




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