Feeding Assessment and Consultation Services (FACS)

The Feeding Assessment and Consultation Services (FACS) team provides clinical feeding assessment and consultation for kids and youth living in York Region and Simcoe County with complex feeding needs.

What we do

FACS services generally consist of a one-time assessment that includes consultation with the child’s team where appropriate. The FACS team may consist of a speech-language pathologist (SLP) and/or an occupational therapist (OT) and/or registered dietitian (RD) as required, based upon the specified areas of concern. Service may also include a videofluoroscopic swallow study when deemed necessary following clinical assessment (additional physician referral may be required).


Kids and youth under 19 years of age who live in Simcoe County or York Region who:  
  • Have difficulty swallowing and/or breathing while eating and/or drinking*
  • Frequently cough or choke while eating and/or drinking*
  • Have a clinical history indicative of aspiration (e.g. frequent upper respiratory infections)*
  • Are transitioning from tube to oral feeding *
  • Have feeding difficulties due to recent surgery of the neck and or face *
  • Have difficulties managing age appropriate textures due to oral motor skill delays/impairments*
  • Are under 8 months of age, with a history of feeding difficulties, and are having difficulty with bottle feeding or transitioning to solids*
  • Are on a specialized diet with no other feeding supports in place and meet one of the above criteria*
  • Are not growing as would be expected for their age and meet one of the above criteria*
*FACS works in collaboration with other team member who are supporting kids and youth with feeding needs. If other feeding services are in place at the time of referral, the team supporting the child will be contacted to coordinate services. In these instances a child may not be seen by FACS if appropriate supports are already in place, even if the child meets the criteria.


A referral for a child who meets the eligibility criteria must be made by a physician, using the Request for Paediatric Feeding Services referral form available here.