Building Brighter Futures Together: Children’s Treatment Network (CTN) supports over 23,000 children and youth with disabilities and developmental needs in their homes, communities and schools. We provide intake, service navigation and coordinated service planning, assessment and diagnostic services, specialized clinics and rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech language therapy.

CTN offers services through contracted public and private partner organizations in the education, health and community sectors. CTN supports families in York Region and Simcoe County for all services through 10 shared service sites, offers school-based rehabilitation services in an expanded catchment area including Central and West Toronto and also offers assessment and diagnostic services within Dufferin, Halton, Peel, Waterloo and Wellington. Through its innovative network model, CTN’s commitment to providing family-centred care is anchored by an electronic client record that is shared across its partner organizations and provides the foundation for integrated plans of care and services.

CTN and the services provided by our network partners are funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) and are free for families. However, there may be costs associated with provision of special equipment, materials or supplies needed by some children. 

CTN is accredited through CARF International, meeting internationally recognized organizational and program standards and signaling its commitment to quality by continually improving services, encouraging feedback and serving the community.

“The big difference is how everyone is working together to build on each other’s efforts. It’s so consistent now. Therapies, special equipment and treatment approaches are being mirrored at home and at school.”

–Anne Cairns, CTN mom

“I used to carry boxes of Lincoln’s files around with me so I could brief all his therapists. Now we’re all on the same page. We brainstorm together about what we each need to do at school and at home to help Lincoln reach his goals. It’s a fantastic partnership.”

–Stacy Ash, CTN mom


In 2005, Children’s Treatment Network (CTN) was incorporated and mandated by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (now the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services) to provide children and youth with disabilities and developmental needs in Simcoe County and York Region with expanded and enhanced services, build capacity across existing organizations and champion system change to better serve families.




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