Inclusive Skating in Simcoe County and York Region

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In the chilly embrace of winter, families can bundle up and visit a local ice rink, not only for the joy of skating, but for the creation of fun, fitness and treasured family moments. In the spirit of inclusivity, CTN embarks on a mission to create a welcoming environment, envisioning a vibrant community where kids and youth with disabilities and developmental needs and their families feel a sense of belonging. 

Through CTN's Community and Family Participation Program, led by our Community and Family Coordinators (CFCs), we're forging partnerships with municipalities in Simcoe County and York Region to ensure that kids and youth with disabilities can participate in public skating. Public skating can be a path to fitness, joining social outings, developing skills for participation on sports teams and any other wonderful future dreams that spark the joys that come from gliding on ice. Often, kids with disabilities and/or developmental needs may benefit from equipment and/or adaptations to the environment to participate in skating. When environments consider all abilities, they can open doors to many future possibilities. 

Inclusive Municipalities Leading the Way 

The Town of Collingwood and Midland were the first municipalities to highlight on their website which equipment is permitted during public skating. Dave Bressette from the Town of Midland passionately expresses their commitment to inclusion, stating, "Midland is very happy to offer the opportunity for sledges at all our public events." Recognizing the importance of inclusion and sledges, the Town of Midland also offers sledge shinny hockey. The Town of Collingwood allows various adaptive devices such as wheelchairs and skating aids. For those seeking a sensory-friendly environment, head to King City, where they offer free adaptive skating times. 

While each municipality's journey may differ, the impact of policy changes plays an important role. By embracing inclusivity, these policy shifts can help make a difference in the lives of kids and youth with disabilities and/or developmental needs.  

Ready to skate? Find your level of participation 

As we lace up our skates, we extend a warm invitation to everyone to explore the numerous skating opportunities within Simcoe County and York Region. Whether you're a seasoned skater or a first timer, there's something for everyone. Discover the different skating opportunities below for your family and join in on the fun this winter!  
Municipality (click on each link to learn more)  Equipment allowed during public skating   Other Accommodations 
Collingwood  Wheelchairs, sledges, skating aids and other adaptive devices Sledge use
Innisfil  Wheelchairs, sledges, skating aids, strollers  
King  Wheelchairs  Adaptive Skating 
Midland   Sledges  Shinny Sledge Hockey
Orillia  Sledges   
Oro   Sledges   
Penetanguishene  Skate aids, wheelchair, stroller on a case-by-case basis  
Richmond Hill   Wheelchairs, sledges. Skating aids by exception. Sensory-friendly skating and sledges available
Vaughan  Wheelchairs, sledges, skating aids and other adaptive devices.  

You can borrow equipment from CTN's Equipment Loan Program!

If you are interested in finding out more about adaptive recreation equipment that you can borrow from CTN, contact Check out this article on CTN’s website for information regarding borrowing sledges.  

For the Equipment Loan Program Family Guide with equipment suggestions and inventory, click here.