Stay Active - Try Sledge Hockey or Adapted Skating this Winter

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CTN families can now borrow sledges and sticks for recreational skating or hockey from two of our sites.

Makenna’s brother and dad play hockey and love to skate, but because of her low muscle tone and struggles with balance, she hasn’t been able to skate with them. Makenna, her brother and her mom attended a CTN “Try it” Sledge event in 2019 and were introduced to a new sport to enjoy with the whole family. Once Makenna got the hang of moving across the ice and shooting the puck with her sticks, she was excited to show her dad how she could play hockey too. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Makenna’s family borrowed sleds from CTN to play sledge hockey together on their local community ice. This has enabled Makenna and her family to have fun and play hockey together.

Look at Makenna hitting the ice to try sledge hockey for the first time!

Families can borrow sledges for two weeks through CTN’s Recreational Loan Program. Speak to your child’s team to see if this would be a good fit for your child or you can contact for more information.

Before you borrow a sledge, here’s what you need to know about contactless pick up and drop off:

  1. Once request for equipment has been received, CTN will notify the family or therapist regarding availability via email.
  2. A liability form will be sent to the therapist/family for completion and acknowledgement of the liability agreement.
  3. CTN will arrange pick up and drop off time with families at a specific location outside the site to ensure there’s no contact with others accessing the building.
  4. CTN will follow equipment cleaning procedures prior to pick up and after drop off.    
  5. Large equipment can only be loaned to families who do not require physical adaptations to the gear or where therapists are comfortable advising families on the fitting via virtual methods. We cannot complete in-person adjustments at this time.
  6. Families must be able to load and transport the sledge independently.
Types of Sledges Available
CTN has multiple sleds that have varying bucket sizes to accommodate hip sizes ranging from 10.5 inches to about 13.5 inches. We also have an 11.5 inch sled that provides a moderate back rest. The largest sled (13.5 inches), has a very long back rest and anti-tippers to prevent falling on their sides. All our sleds can be fitted with a push bar to help individuals move, if they are unable to do so with the hockey sticks provided. Families are allowed to attach duct or hockey tape to the frames to prevent riders' legs from falling through.

If you want to learn more about sledge hockey or would like to try it with a coach, watch Brad Bowden, Paralympic Sledge Hockey player and member of the All Sports All People (ASAP) team. ASAP is offering free 1:1 virtual sledge coaching sessions (space is limited).

Watch this video for more information.

CTN supports children, youth and families by focusing on CanChild's framework of the F-words for Child Development. Every child with varying abilities has the right to have fun, enjoy friends, function as they are, access fitness, plan for their future and join in family activities like sledge hockey and adapted skating.

Remember to check with your local community arena to see if adapted equipment is allowed on the ice during public skating times. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact
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