Recreation Funding

Various funding options are available to assist in supporting children in recreation. Funding providers can assist with variety of expenses including:

  • registration costs 
  • additional support/respite support
  • equipment costs 

It is important to pay attention to what costs are covered by the funding provider as many will only cover ONE of the above expenses, such as equipment or registration fees.

Some of these programs will grant money once a year, some will be reimbursement.

Often funding providers will ask for a letter of support from a community agency; this can be done by many people including  could be your Service Planning Coordinator, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker, Case Manager or Behaviour Therapist.

Municipality Supports: 

Registration Costs:

Most municipalities will offer Fee Assistance programs for individuals that qualify for low-income based on the Low-income Cut-Off Table; this assistance will help with the cost of registration only. 

Municipal Funding Assistance for Simcoe/York

Support costs:

Some municipalities offer assistance for the fees associated with a 1:1 support staff (i.e. for a week of for summer camp). Often if you register for one week of camp and pay for a support staff, the municipality will offer a second week of support at no-cost. You would still need to pay for registration fees.

Be sure to ask your program coordinator PRIOR to registering for the program for fee assistance.

See CTN's Respite Support Funding for more information about available funding to cover your 1:1 worker. Many of these fundings can be applied to camps or recreation program supports.  

Contact local service clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis, or Lions clubs. Local clubs may be able to fund recreation programs and equipment in yearly grant programs.

Bloorview Tips for Writing a Letter of Request for Private Funding 

For more information about available funding options, please refer to the following resources:

Holland Bloorview Funding and Financial Assistance Guide 

CTN’s Funding Resource Page