Inclusive vs. Adaptive Recreation

Inclusive recreation programs provide the opportunity for kids with and without disabilities to participate in the same activity. For inclusive services to be successful, inclusion must be a value that is shared by all parties involved, including agencies, staff, families, participants, and the greater community. May also be referred to as integration.

Adapted recreation is a program that has been modified to meet the needs of a specific group of participants. This could be through equipment, content and rules, structure, support or environment.

Services and community programs across Simcoe and York have worked together to develop inclusive programs with appropriately trained and educated staff and volunteers that provide support for all individuals to participate through activity modifications, assistive devices and disability awareness. 

Whether an afterschool, weekend, swimming or day camp program, municipal parks and recreation departments, private recreation providers and non-profit organizations offer a range of programs geared to meet the interests and abilities of all participants.