He Shoots, He Scores!

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How one CTN kid got to meet his hockey heroes.

Sheldon is the biggest Barrie Colts hockey fan. He knows the players, all their stats and the team’s schedule. But he had never been to a game because it has been a challenge for his family to purchase tickets.

Sheldon receives services through CTN and during a single plan of care meeting one of the needs identified was being able to participate in conversations with friends about community-based events, like hockey games. After this meeting Sheldon’s single plan of care coordinator started thinking whether there was a way to help the family access tickets. Through a generous donation from Barrie Colts Goaltender, Mac Blackwood, Sheldon, his dad and his grandparents attended a game against Owen Sound and Sheldon got to go to the locker room and meet the players after the game.

Though for many it was a simple hockey game, for Sheldon it meant much more: it was a direct link back to his community and experience that he can use to participate in conversations with friends.

And in case you’re wondering, the Colts won the game!

A big thank you to Mac Blackwood and the Barrie Colts for making this possible.