Supporting Effective Partnerships - Client Rights and Responsibilities and Complaint Policy

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CTN is committed to supporting effective partnerships with the families we serve.

That is why we reach out to all active clients once a year either by mail or email to ensure they:

  • Are aware of their rights and responsibilities
  • Know how to submit a complaint
  • Know how to provide feedback to CTN

Client Rights and Responsibilities
Protecting and promoting the rights of the families in accordance with the laws of Ontario is a priority at CTN. It is important to us that you are aware of these rights and responsibilities so we can work together effectively.

Our Declaration of Client Rights and Responsibilities, in both official languages, can be found here.

Complaint Policy
You should also be aware about CTN’s complaint process and how to make a complaint. The feedback we receive helps us address any concerns or issues you may have. It also helps us continually improve network practices so we can enhance our ability to meet your needs.

To learn more about our complaint policy, click here.

Providing Feedback
CTN values your input and suggestions that could improve CTN’s performance and service quality.  Visit our Contact Us and Feedback page or email us at to share your feedback.