April: CTN's Top Social Media Posts

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What's the buzz on CTN's social media this month? 

We love to connect and engage with our families and community partners on social media! This month we were busy on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

With the arrival of spring weather and important awareness days, we were very social this past month!

In case you missed it, grab a coffee and check out our most popular posts on Facebook and Twitter this April:

1. With our CTN partners, we celebrated World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd (and again in schools on April 4th). Read about the celebrations and the meaning behind the day.

2. Social media was buzzing with the death of beloved artist Prince. Most touching during that time, was that his fans learned that he had a son with a genetic disorder who only lived a week. Read more about Prince's heartbreak.
3. This incredible video brightened up a cloudy weekend for our readers!

4. When we posted this quote, it really resonated with our parents of medically complex warriors.


5. With summer camp around the corner, our top retweets on Twitter came from this event link for our "Choosing the Right Summer Camp" Workshop and this post with camp tips for parents.
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