Introducing CTN's Family Resource, Education and Support Hub (FRESH) Facebook Group

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CTN’s new FRESH Facebook Group will help strengthen support for families through an online community. 

Children’s Treatment Network (CTN) is excited to introduce our new Family Resource, Education and Support Hub (FRESH) Facebook Group. This group is a dedicated platform designed to foster a responsive and welcoming community for families of kids and youth accessing services and support through CTN. We're thrilled to offer a vibrant online space where parents, caregivers and guardians of all CTN kids and youth can come together, connect and benefit from invaluable support.

Who Can Benefit: 

We celebrate our community and recognize that caregivers of CTN kids and youth represent many diverse families. Members in this group may include a range of people in the community who may benefit from the support and information shared within the group. The only membership requirement of the group is that one must be a caregiver of a CTN child or youth.  

What to Expect: 

As a member of CTN's FRESH Facebook Group, you'll be able to access resources, guidance and the support from a community that understands the unique challenges and triumphs of caring for a child or youth with a disability and/or developmental needs. From practical tips on navigating services to emotional support during challenging times, our platform is here to empower families every step of the way.

By joining the group, you’ll be part of a community that prioritizes caregivers’ voices, experiences and perspectives and ensures that every member feels heard, respected and supported. Together, group members can share knowledge, offer encouragement and celebrate each other. 

How to Join the Group: 

Joining CTN's FRESH Facebook Group is easy! Simply complete the online form to request to join.

A member of our team will confirm your role as a caregiver of a CTN child or youth before you are accepted. Once you are in the group, feel free to share resources, engage with other members and participate in discussions.

No family should have to navigate the journey alone. Together, we can build a stronger, more connected community where every parent and caregiver feels empowered and supported.