About Us

Children’s Treatment Network (CTN) serves 7,000 children and youth with multiple special needs in York Region and Simcoe County by providing rehabilitation and clinical services through a network of healthcare agencies, school boards and community agencies.
We know that you and your child’s immediate and extended family, along with other caregivers and friends, are his or her main support. Our job is to assist you in developing a care plan and to help you set realistic goals that are important for your family.

CTN’s commitment to providing family-centred care is anchored by an electronic client record that is shared across our partner organizations and provides the foundation for integrated plans of care and services where they need it most: in schools, their homes and the community.
Collectively, we respond to the evolving needs of children and youth with multiple special needs by providing and enhancing services, championing system change and building capacity across the network. CTN is funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCSS).

Our History

In 2005, Children’s Treatment Network (CTN) was incorporated and mandated by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (now the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services) to provide children and youth with multiple special needs in Simcoe County and York Region with expanded and enhanced services, build capacity across existing organizations and champion system change to better serve families.
As two of the last areas in Ontario to get funding for a children’s treatment centre, CTN decided to build upon existing services and organizations and model itself as a network – essentially an organization that allowed other organizations to connect and collaborate if they were members of a child or family’s team, regardless of sector. Local families and organizations providing service for kids and youth with special needs were involved from the initial planning stages and helped build the foundation that formed our network.
We started with seven employees and funding 89 positions within partner organizations. To serve our growing population we have grown to 21 employees and funding 102 positions. 


“The big difference is how everyone is working together to build on each other’s efforts. It’s so consistent now. Therapies, special equipment and treatment approaches are being mirrored at home and at school.”

–Anne Cairns, CTN mom

“I used to carry boxes of Lincoln’s files around with me so I could brief all his therapists. Now we’re all on the same page. We brainstorm together about what we each need to do at school and at home to help Lincoln reach his goals. It’s a fantastic partnership.”

–Stacy Ash, CTN mom