What are the F-Words for Child Development?

The F-Words for Child Development focus on the 'can do’ aspects of child/youth’s lives, rather than what they cannot do. With SmartStart Hubs focusing on a strength-based approach for all we serve, the F-Words for Child Development will be applied to all aspects of care.  

The F-Words for Child Development include:  
•    Functioning: Refers to what people do – how things are done is not what is important; synonyms include ‘role’, ‘job’, ‘task’, etc.  

  • Family: Represents the essential ‘environment’ of all kids/youth
  • Fitness: Refers to how kids/youth stay physically active, including exercise and other recreational opportunities
  • Fun: Includes particular activities kids /youth are involved in or enjoy participating in
  • Friends: Refers to friendships established with peers; social development is an essential aspect of personhood
  • Future: Is what child development is all about; it refers to parents and kids expectations and dreams for the future