During the appointment

At the beginning

  • If you cannot hear or see your service provider well, please let them know right away so you can work together to solve the issue.
  • If something is happening in the room that is affecting participation like a sibling is home, an odd sound or smell, or any other type of distraction, please let your service provider know.
  • It is not expected that your child/youth will have all the answers or have all the skills needed to complete every task. This is ok, because this is why you are working on them. Please do not answer for your child or give them hints for the expected response, unless requested by the service provider.
  • The service provider will describe what they are doing or what you will need to do. They will wait and see how your child/youth responds and if it doesn’t go as planned, you will work together to problem solve it. While the main objective is help your child/youth reach their goals, we want to ensure that this is fun for everyone too!

Work on predetermined strategies
If you are unsure of what skill to work on consider using the F words for Child Development to guide you.

These strategies should be meaningful to your child/youth and your family.
  • Think about what skills would be most helpful in your child/youth’s day to day life.
  • What skills or goals would have the most positive impact on your family?
Ask questions
  • Do you understand the goal or skill you are working on and why?
  • Do you understand what is expected of you?
  • Do you understand what is expected of your child/youth?
  • If you have questions or concerns that you do not feel are appropriate for your child/youth to hear, please contact your service provider to arrange a time where the two of you can connect privately.
Plan next steps
  • Think about what is working well in the session and why.
  • Consider how to build on the things that are going well.
  • Think about any challenges that you or your child/youth may be facing during the session.
  • Brainstorm ideas of how to overcome challenges and better support your child/youth for future sessions.
Your service provider will provide suggestions and coach you through the strategies to help your child/youth develop their skills and reach their goals. Consistent use of these strategies at home during daily routines and activities is an important part of the process.