COVID-19 Response and Resources

This page is designed to provide families with our response related to the COVID-19 pandemic and a list of resources and supports available. CTN will update this page on an ongoing basis.


CTN Response to COVID-19

CTN adheres to public health measures to help keep our communities and citizens safe. Our commitment is to keep you updated on what’s happening to support the children, youth and families that we, along with our network partners, collectively serve.

Latest Update- September 1, 2022

Public Health Has Expanded Eligibility for the First Booster Shot

The Ontario government has expanded the eligibility for COVID-19 first booster doses to children aged five to 11 to provide an extra layer of protection as children begin a new school year.

Starting Thursday, September 1st, parents and caregivers of children aged five to 11 will be able to book an appointment for a paediatric COVID-19 booster dose through the various methods listed below. Eligible children can receive their first booster dose at a recommended interval of at least six months following their most recent dose. Parents with questions are encouraged to reach out to their health care provider, the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre or the SickKids COVID-19 Vaccine Consult Service to make an informed choice for their family.

Appointments will be available by booking through one of the following methods:

Vaccination remains the best defense against COVID-19, including the Omicron variant. CTN continues to recommend vaccination for employees, clients and their parents/caregivers. CTN also encourages everyone to remain vigilant and stay home when sick.

​COVID-19 Safety Measures

Important Reminder for Parents, Clients and Visitors: Self-Screening is Still Required When Coming to CTN and Masks are Recommended 

CTN employees and service providers will continue to wear masks when providing services to children. This will allow CTN to continue to keep our most vulnerable clients safe, protect our team from COVID-19 and will reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak impacting our ability to provide services.

CTN recommends that parents/caregivers and children (where possible) wear a mask when receiving services. Children, youth and families are welcome to wait in our waiting areas or if preferred, may wait in the car prior to your scheduled appointment.

For the protection of the children and youth we serve, their families and our employees, CTN continues to have several COVID-19 health and safety measures in place including screening, hand washing, wearing masks and enhanced cleaning protocols.

CTN continues to deliver services both virtually and in person. If you have questions about your child’s appointment, please speak to your service provider or a member of the team.

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health recommends that adults and children ages five and up get their COVID-19 vaccinations. A booster shot(s) is also suggested, for those who are eligible. Appointments can be booked through the Ontario vaccine booking system.

If you have questions, please visit:

CTN's Vaccination Policy

On September 23, 2021, Children’s Treatment Network (CTN) implemented a COVID-19 vaccination policy. Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health issued instructions to the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) funded agencies regarding the mandatory implementation of a COVID-19 vaccination policy.

The purpose of this policy is to minimize the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus and to comply with the government of Ontario’s directive related to vaccination of individuals working in a higher risk work setting. This policy supports CTN’s strong commitment to protecting vulnerable individuals from COVID-19.

CTN supports a fully vaccinated workforce. Employees who are fully vaccinated provided proof of vaccination or an approved exemption. Employees who are not fully vaccinated must undergo regular rapid antigen testing for COVID-19. New hires, effective September 23, 2021, are required to be fully vaccinated or provide an approved exemption and must undergo regular rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 as a condition of employment.

CTN contracted service provider organizations are required to establish and implement a COVID-19 vaccination policy in accordance with the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s Letter of Instructions and to provide CTN with an attestation that their policy meets the MCCSS requirements. CTN’s requirements of contracted service provider organizations may change at any time to address risk of transmission, the availability of new information, and/or align with any new public health and/or ministry directives or recommendations related to COVID-19.

We encourage you stay connected with your child’s service provider if there are concerns that require immediate attention. Our team is available to answer questions and provide assistance. They can be reached at 1-866-377-0286.

Our Programs & Services

CTN provides a number of programs and services to support children and youth with disability and developmental needs and their families. Our network model allows us to deliver these programs and services through our partner organizations.

We deliver services through a hybrid of in-person and virtual visits depending on the program and the child's goals, needs and stage of service delivery. Your service provider will discuss the format of each visit with you and can address your questions or concerns.

Events & Resources

We often hear connecting families with each other is one of the greatest resources we offer. For a list of current events (both in-person and virtual) organized by CTN, our partners and local organizations, please visit our events page.

Below are resources and supports for families specific to COVID-19.  

Appointment Information:

The health and safety of the children, youth, and families we serve as well as the wellbeing of employees and partners are at the centre of our planning for in-person services. Our approach to service delivery is guided by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer, the Ministry of Health, and Public Health Ontario guidelines and is adjusted as needed based on this guidance.

CTN has the following measures in place for everyone’s safety:  

  • Options of both in-person or virtual services offered.
  • Changes to physical spaces at some of our locations to allow for physical distancing.  
  • Adjustment of schedules to permit time for enhanced cleaning of spaces after each use.  
  • Screening of employees, children, and families for COVID-19 prior to entry to CTN sites.
  • Use of CTN provided medical grade masks by employees during your visit and other personal protective equipment (PPE) as needed.  
  • Practice of hand hygiene by using a hand sanitizer or hand washing upon entry to our sites and at key times.  
  • Recommendation for children, youth, and families to continue wearing a mask while at CTN sites. 

What to expect if you have an in-person appointment at our site

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    Day before your appointment:
    CTN will contact you to be sure that everyone is healthy and complete the Ministry of Health Covid-19 screening, using this COVID-19 self-assessment screening tool.
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    Day of scheduled appointment:
    If your child or a family member becomes unwell, please let us know and we will reschedule your appointment to a later date. Two parents/caregivers can accompany the child for the visit. If a third adult would like to participate in the assessment, please inform your child's service provider ahead of your appointment so that the other adult can attend the appointment virtually, if possible. Siblings (other than young babies) or other children cannot attend the appointment.

    Oak Ridge's Site (13175 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill):
    • When you arrive for your appointment, please wait in your vehicle until the service provider calls you to complete the Covid-19 screening and invites you inside.

    All Other CTN sites:
    • When you arrive for your appointment, you may wait in our waiting area or if you prefer, stay in your vehicle and notify us of your arrival. Your service provider will complete the Covid-19 screening again.
    • Bring only the items you need into the CTN site.
    • To ensure everyone’s safety, service providers will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). This may include mask, gloves, gown, and face shield.
    • To protect vulnerable clients who receive our services and to prevent an outbreak of Covid-19 among our employees, which would impact our ability to provide services, CTN requests that you, and if possible, your child wears a face mask. This does not include children under 2 years old, people who have difficulty breathing or people who cannot remove the mask without assistance. CTN will supply appropriate face masks for your use.
    • Hand sanitizer is available. Please sanitize your hands when you enter and leave the building, and after using the washroom.

Have questions? Call us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 1-866-377-0286. We will make every effort to make your visit as comfortable as possible and appreciate your cooperation during this time.

We are looking forward to seeing you. Stay safe and take care!