High Tech Communication Systems


The above speech generating devices are portable, lightweight, and easy to learn. Most have strong core vocabulary language systems in multiple display configuration settings. Some have the capability of being an integrated writing system by connecting via USB or Bluetooth to a computer. An AAC user must be assessed and prescribed a high tech communication system through an ADP Accredited AAC Clinic in order to access government funding. CTN’s Augmentative Communication Consultation Service (ACCS) is an ADP AAC Accredited Clinic.

Please keep in mind that if a child or youth has a high technology AAC system, a Speech-Language Pathologist from an Assistive Devices program accredited clinic assessed him/her and prescribed the system. DO NOT change the child/youth’s AAC system without consulting a Speech-Language Pathologist. If additional vocabulary is needed within the system this should be discussed with the child/youth’s parents and they will add vocabulary as needed.