Swimming lessons are offered in a variety of formats.

Swimming can offer a fun opportunity for your child to get used to the water, learn water safety, increase mobility, strength and sensory awareness in a supported environment.

Registered Swim programs are offered year-round in 6-8 week blocks at local community centers or pools. Private pools may also offer private lessons. Be sure to contact each program for more information.

Adapted Lessons: most often provided in a small group for children with physical, developmental and communication needs that require specialized instruction. Adapted lessons are learn-to-swim programs for swimmers with disabilities where each skill is broken down into small manageable steps to create a positive learning environment. This allows for the success of each swimmer to be more achievable.
One-to-one individual support is often available if needed and is sometimes included in the program. These lessons may also be referred to as “Special Needs” Lessons, “Inclusive”, “Integrated” or “Adapted” lessons.

Smaller municipalities may only offer general swimming program and not specialized adapted programs, however, additional support may be available upon request.

Volunteer/Leisure Buddies: a buddy can be made available to your child to provide assistance in a general swim program or lesson. For example, if you wish to register your child with a friend or sibling a volunteer can be provided for extra support. 

Private lessons: allow for individuals to work one on one with a swim instructor to learn new skills. See your local community guides for more information regarding times, costs and registration.

Leisure/Open Swims: are unstructured, non-instructional swim time for all individuals. This is time to practice skills and have fun. Waterslides, diving boards and other small equipment is often available to use. Some municipalities may offer Sensory Open Swims which are similar to regular open swims, but with less people so as to reduce noise and over stimulation.

Click Here to find your local community guides for more information regarding times, costs and registration.

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