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Recreation Resources Across Simcoe County and York Region 


CTN partners with local municipalities and organizations to support families and children in recreation across Simcoe County and York Region. Together we work to improve access to recreation through creating and promoting inclusive and adapted programs that meet the needs of our families. CTN has worked closely with community to partners to appropriately trained and educated staff and volunteers to allow provide support for all individuals to participate through activity modifications, assistive devices and disability awareness. 


Many recreation opportunities are already available in your local community. CTN, together with community partners host accessible community-based, sport and recreation opportunities throughout the year.

You can find more information about those programs by visiting the CTN Events Calendar


If you have any questions or new ideas for recreation opportunities in your community, please contact Jennifer Phillips at


Why should I include my child in Recreation? 


Recreation opportunities can provide lifelong healthy benefits for your child. Focusing on CanChild’s framework of the 6F-Words for Child’s of Childhood Development, recreation participation meets each aspect in helping your child’s development: 


F-Words in Recreation


What are the different types of Recreation Programs? 


There are a variety of programs geared to meet the interests and abilities of ALL participants: 


    After school and weekend programs
  • Swimming programs
  • March break and Summer Day Camps
  • Municipal Parks and Recreation Departments
  • Private Recreation Providers
  • Non-Profit Organizations

Inclusive Recreation vs. Adapted Recreation


Inclusive Recreation programs provide the opportunity for children with and without disabilities to participate in the same activity together. For inclusive services to be successful, inclusion must be a value that is shared by all parties involved including agencies, staff, families, participants and the greater community. 

Inclusion may also be referred to as “integration” 


Adapted Recreation is a program that has been modified to meet the needs of a specific group of participants. This is achieved through various methods: 

  • Equipment (such as sledges, adapted skis, sports wheelchairs or ramps)
  • Content and rules, structures (shorter times, less or smoother transitions)
  • Support (low ratio of staff to participants) 
  • Environment (eg. Sensory awareness with dimmed lighting, low sound, etc.)

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    Tips and Hints for Successful Participation
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    Recreation Funding

    Various funding options are available to assist in supporting children in recreation. Funding providers can assist with variety of expenses including:

    • registration costs 
    • additional support/respite support
    • equipment costs 

    It is important to pay attention to what costs are covered by the funding provider as many will only cover ONE of the above expenses, such as equipment or registration fees.

    Some of these programs will grant money once a year, some will be reimbursement.

    Often funding providers will ask for a letter of support from a community agency; this can be done by many people including  could be your Service Planning Coordinator, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker, Case Manager or Behaviour Therapist.

    Municipality Supports: 

    Registration Costs:

    Most municipalities will offer Fee Assistance programs for individuals that qualify for low-income based on the Low-income Cut-Off Table; this assistance will help with the cost of registration only. 

    Municipal Funding Assistance for Simcoe/York

    Support costs:

    Some municipalities offer assistance for the fees associated with a 1:1 support staff (i.e. for a week of for summer camp). Often if you register for one week of camp and pay for a support staff, the municipality will offer a second week of support at no-cost. You would still need to pay for registration fees.

    Be sure to ask your program coordinator PRIOR to registering for the program for fee assistance.

    See CTN's Respite Support Funding for more information about available funding to cover your 1:1 worker. Many of these fundings can be applied to camps or recreation program supports.  

    Contact local service clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis, or Lions clubs. Local clubs may be able to fund recreation programs and equipment in yearly grant programs.

    Bloorview Tips for Writing a Letter of Request for Private Funding 

    For more information about available funding options, please refer to the following resources:

    Holland Bloorview Funding and Financial Assistance Guide 

    CTN’s Funding Resource Page


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    CTN's Recreation Equipment Loans

    CTN is committed to supporting the participation of children and youth with special needs in their home, school and community. CTN has a recreation large equipment pool to promote accessibility and participation of recreation opportunities for children with special needs. Equipment is available for loan to service providers, community partners, and families for a maximumfor a period of 2 weeks at a time. 

    Try a loan for a new program, new family outing or just practice and improve skills! 

    Contact your service provider or Local Team Facilitator for more information on suitable loans for your child and availability of items.

    Available Items:

    Snow Coach Winter Sled   Hippocampe All-Terrain Wheelchair    
    Snow Coach Winter Sled      
    Sledges   Freedom Concept Adapted Bikes    

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    If a barrier to accessing recreation is transportation, please check out this resource and discuss with your service providers.

    Accessible Transportation Listings Simcoe/York


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    Dance and Yoga


    Richmond Hill





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    Aurora Cultural Centre
    Various art programs, PA Day and March Break
    Ages: 4+ 
    All Abilities





    East Gwillimbury

    Richmond Hill







    Base Borden


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    Music and Theatre



    Richmond Hill





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    Swimming lessons are offered in a variety of formats.

    Swimming can offer a fun opportunity for your child to get used to the water, learn water safety, increase mobility, strength and sensory awareness in a supported environment.

    Registered Swim programs are offered year-round in 6-8 week blocks at local community centers or pools. Private pools may also offer private lessons. Be sure to contact each program for more information.

    Adapted Lessons: most often provided in a small group for children with physical, developmental and communication needs that require specialized instruction. Adapted lessons are learn-to-swim programs for swimmers with disabilities where each skill is broken down into small manageable steps to create a positive learning environment. This allows for the success of each swimmer to be more achievable.
    One-to-one individual support is often available if needed and is sometimes included in the program. These lessons may also be referred to as “Special Needs” Lessons, “Inclusive”, “Integrated” or “Adapted” lessons.

    Smaller municipalities may only offer general swimming program and not specialized adapted programs, however, additional support may be available upon request.

    Volunteer/Leisure Buddies: a buddy can be made available to your child to provide assistance in a general swim program or lesson. For example, if you wish to register your child with a friend or sibling a volunteer can be provided for extra support. 

    Private lessons: allow for individuals to work one on one with a swim instructor to learn new skills. See your local community guides for more information regarding times, costs and registration.

    Leisure/Open Swims: are unstructured, non-instructional swim time for all individuals. This is time to practice skills and have fun. Waterslides, diving boards and other small equipment is often available to use. Some municipalities may offer Sensory Open Swims which are similar to regular open swims, but with less people so as to reduce noise and over stimulation.

    Click Here to find your local community guides for more information regarding times, costs and registration.

    For Registration:

    For information about your local community pools (eg. temperatures, access points, accessibility) see the listing below:

    Community Pool Listings York/Simcoe

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    Recreation Program Listings

    Many recreation programs are available in your local community that are inclusive or adapted for your child’s needs. 

    These listings are some of the adapted or special needs programs available across Simcoe County and York Region for children with special needs. Please note, this list is not exhaustive and is always changing. 

    If you are looking for a general recreation program, please click here to find your local Community Recreation Guide. 

    Always contact the program for more information and questions

    The Arts
    Generally non-physical, creative expression, creative outlets. Generally non-competitive, focus on Function, Fun, Friends

    Sports and Recreation
    May be competitive, team or individual play, specialized equipment may be required, focus on Fitness, Fun, Function, Friends 

    General Interest and Leisure
    Social opportunities, relaxation, life skills, common interests. Focus on Fun, Friends, Family, Future

    Registration Process:

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    Local Municipal Recreation Guides and Contacts

    City of Vaughan Recreation

    Mihaela Neagoe
    Inclusion and Community Services Specialist
    905-832-2377 ext. 7405

    Town of Newmarket Recreation

    Pat McIntosh
    905-953-5300 ext. 2821

    Jaclyn Lotto for Aquatic/Pool programs
    905-953-5300 ext. 2711

    City of Richmond Hill Recreation
    Integration Services for Richmond Hill
    905-884-0855 ext. 223
    (ensure you call 2 weeks prior to registration in order to discussion registration plans and support options)

    Town of Whitchurch-Stoufville Recreation
    Ashley Arruda
    Program Coordinator-Youth
    Office Phone: 905-640-1910 ext. 2278
    After Hours Phone: 905-642-7529 (PLAY)

    City of Markham Recreation 
    Portia Lee
    905-477-7000 ext. 3930

    Town of East Gwillimbury Recreation 

    Community Parks, Recreation & Culture

    Town of Aurora Recreation
    Victoria Kendra
    Community Programs Coordinator/Integration Services
    905-727-3123 ext. 3121

    Town of Georgina Recreation 
    905-476-4301 ext. 2238 to inquire about inclusion support


    City of Barrie Recreation
    Recreation Programmer -Inclusion Services
    705-739-4220 ext.5789

    Town of Penetanguishene/Town of Midland Recreation (North Simcoe Recreation) 
    Sarah Marshall (Penetang)
    Recreation and Events Coordinator
    705-549-7453 ext. 223

    Township of Springwater Recreation
    Township of Springwater
    705-738-4784 x 0

    City of Orillia Recreation 
    Megan Visser
    Recreation Program Supervisor
    Phone: 705-325-4786

    New Tecumseth Recreation (Alliston)
    Recreation Department
    705-435-4030 ext. 1500

    Town of Innisfil Recreation 
    Town of Innisfil
    705-436-3740 ext. 4310

    Town of Collingwood
    Jennifer Parker
    Coordinator, Community Well-Being and Inclusion
    705-444-2500 Ext. 3260

    YMCA of Simcoe Muskoka 
    Camp and Program Locations in
    • Barrie
    • Innisfil
    • Midland
    • Collingwood
    • Orillia
    Visit Local Center page for contact Information.




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