Resources for Families: Explaining Coronavirus to Kids

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These are confusing and difficult times for many families; this is why it’s important to share resources to stay informed and safe.

CTN's team of parent mentors and local team facilitators have compiled the resources below for children and youth with disabilities and developmental needs.

Helpful tips and resources for families during this extraordinary time. 

Empowering Ability - Resources for Families Who Have Children with Disabilities

Psychology Today - Tips to Support Children with Autism During Difficult Times
Holland Bloorview - Family Tip Sheet

Holland Blooview - Coronavirus Resources for Families

Prevention Tips in American Sign Language (ASL)

The Mighty - Keeping your Child Safe During this Time

Social Stories
These social stories explain difficult ideas and concepts with images and simple language.

Autism Educator

Easter Seals - using Picture Communication Symbols (PCS)

Explaining Pandemics - Older Kids

Social Story for Older Teens and Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities
MindHeart Kids Social Story - English
MindHeart Kids Social Story - Alternate Languages

If you have resources to share with our team, please email them to Heather Hamilton,
Disclaimer: These links are for reference only. It is not intended as a recommendation or endorsement of organizations, news sources, policies or political parties, or as a comprehensive resource list.