Inclusive Family Fun: Summer Fun with the Mobi-Chair Floating Beach Wheelchair

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Mobi-Chair® is a high quality beach wheelchair that floats thanks to its flotational wheels and armrests.

Mobi-Chair® floating beach wheelchair also provides a comfortable ride. The rubber pneumatic tires absorb the shock and discomfort caused by rugged terrain, and it provides easy mobility through sand and other rough surfaces. The armrests and wheels are comprised of floatation materials that enable balance while in the water. The integrated handles on the armrests provide added stability while enjoying the ride on land or in the water. This chair can be used at the beach or in a swimming pool.

The Mobi-Chair® is part of the CTN Equipment Loan Program and can be borrowed for two weeks by families of kids and youth who receive occupational therapy or physiotherapy services and live in Simcoe County or York Region. Speak to your child’s therapist for more information or email

CTN supports kids, youth and families by focusing on CanChild's framework of the F-words for Child Development. Every child with varying abilities has the right to have fun, enjoy friends, function as they are, access fitness, plan for their future and join in family activities like heading to the beach together!

What are the benefits of the Mobi-Chair®?

1. Functioning – The Mobi-Chair® has three different recline positions, an h-harness and leg strap.

2. Family - Mobi-Chair® can easily fit into your family vehicle, so you can take take it along on a beach day. It assembles and disassembles quickly.

3. Fun - Have fun with friends and family on the beach and in the water!

Watch this video to learn how to set up the Mobi-Chair®:

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