Inclusive Family Fun: Participate in Activities with Friends and Family at Home and in the Community

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Bella’s Bumbas are wheeled chairs that are low to the ground and promote independent manual mobility in young kids with disabilities.

CTN’s Equipment Loan Program (ELP) has two styles of Bella’s Bumbas. Families are encouraged to speak to their child’s therapist to arrange a trial through the CTN’s Equipment Loan Program before sending in the request for a custom seat, here. The chair can be borrowed for up to 12 weeks by families of kids who receive occupational therapy or physiotherapy services and live in Simcoe County or York Region. Speak to your child’s therapist for more information.

Why do we love Bella’s Bumbas? This group of volunteers has made it their mission to provide a Bella’s Bumba at no charge to young kids facing mobility challenges. The only cost associated with this chair is the cost of shipping (from the U.S.). Bella's Bumbas has now built and shipped over 1,600 chairs to 40 countries across the globe! Available to try with your child before sending in the request for their own custom Bumba, here.

CTN supports kids, youth and families by focusing on CanChild's framework of the F-words for Child Development. Every child with varying abilities has the right to have fun, enjoy friends, function as they are, access fitness, plan for their future and join in family activities like going grocery shopping, eating out or going to the park! 

What are the benefits of Bella’s Bumbas?

Family – Use this chair to participate in a variety of activities with your family in the community. These chairs also include a push mount handle, for use when needed.  
Functioning – Chairs are available in four different styles, with a variety of adaptations, such as right or left hand drive, baskets for portable medical devices and more! CTN currently has two styles of chairs to borrow.  
Fitness – Using a Bumba is a great form of exercise, while having fun and being independent!  
Fun – Because they are low to the ground, children are able to be social and have fun with friends!  They can use these chairs indoors and outside!  
 Learn more about the inspiring story behind Bella’s Bumbas here!

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