Inclusive Family Fun: Kids and Youth Find New Independence with Tools to Support Fun Activities

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The CTN Equipment Loan program has two new pieces of equipment that support participation in a variety of activities for kids and youth with disabilities and developmental needs.   

The functionalhand® and the EazyHold Universal Cuff can be used separately or together to help increase independence with the activities of daily life and creative fun! These two new tools are part of the CTN Equipment Loan Program and can be borrowed for up to 12 weeks by families of kids and youth who receive occupational therapy or physiotherapy services and live in Simcoe County or York Region. Speak to your child’s therapist for more information.

What are the benefits of the functionalhand® and the EazyHold Universal Cuff?

Family - Kids and youth may participate more independently in the daily routines of family life! The EazyHold cuff and functionalhand® can both be used with utensils, toothbrushes, art supplies and more! The Eazyhold cuff can be used with the functional hand for a more secure grip to hold a wide variety of objects!

Dear EazyHold, today my daughter did something she was never able to do before. Color her first Father's Day card. Thank you so much for making this happen with your awesome product!

Functioning - EazyHold cuffs are available in 7 sizes and can be used with variety of cylindrical objects. The EazyHold cuff supports the hand to hold an object with a firm grasp.  

Created by an occupational therapist and physiotherapist, the functionalhand® has a built-up handle, holds objects of varied shapes and sizes and allows for flexibility in the angle that items are held at.  

Fun - Painting, playing with toys, drawing and colouring, playing games, holding tools…just a few of the fun activities that are more accessible with the functionalhand® or the EazyHold cuff!  

For individuals like my son Silas, who often have trouble holding onto objects in a functional position or holding objects that are different sizes and tough for him to use due to his CP, the functional hand steps in!  Silas uses his functional hand to paint, write, glue and draw.  He’s even used it to hold his lollipop, dye Easter eggs and hold onto action figure for toys and for imaginative play!  The possibilities are endless.

Learn more about the benefits of the functionalhand® by watching this video below.

Learn more about the benefits of the EazyHold here.

Learn more about the benefits of the functionalhand® here.

CTN supports kids, youth and families by focusing on CanChild's framework of the F-words for Child Development. Every child with varying abilities has the right to have fun, enjoy friends, function as they are, access fitness, plan for their future and join in family activities like playing games and painting!

1 Rosenbaum, P., & Gorter, J. W. (2012). The ‘F‐words’ in childhood disability: I swear this is how we should think!. Child: care, health and development, 38(4), 457-463 Before F-Words for Child Development.