Inclusive Family Fun: Participate in family activities at home and in the community!

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CTN's Equipment Loan Program (ELP) has a lightweight, portable seat that can go everywhere your family goes! 

The GoTo Vinyl is a lightweight, portable, postural support seat that promotes participation in family activities for children and youth with disabilities and developmental needs. The GoTo Vinyl is also water-resistent and easy to wipe clean!

This seat is part of the CTN Equipment Loan Program and can be borrowed for up to 12 weeks by families of kids and youth who receive occupational therapy or physiotherapy services and live in Simcoe County or York Region. Speak to your child’s therapist for more information.

What are the benefits of the GoTo Vinyl?
–  Use the GoTo to explore the community with the family; at a restaurant, movie theatre and more. The GoTo can also be used in grocery carts, wagons and even on swings!  

Functioning – The GoTo is available in two sizes that can be used with kids up to 33 lbs (size 1) or  66lbs (size 2), and has adjustable head supports, adjustable sides (laterals) and a pressure cushion. The floorsitter also has 26 recline positions.

Fun – Use the floorsitter to sit on the floor and play with friends!

Playtime was with all things slimey and yucky this morningsays Frank’s parent.

Learn more about the GoTo here and watch Noah enjoy his GoTo in this video below.

CTN supports kids, youth and families by focusing on CanChild's framework of the F-words for Child Development. Every child with varying abilities has the right to have fun, enjoy friends, function as they are, access fitness, plan for their future and join in family activities like going grocery shopping, eating out or going to the park!