Get Ready for Back to School: Top 5 Dollar Store Finds to Build Hand Strength and Grasping Skills

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Practicing school readiness skills can be fun and easy!

Here are some ideas of activities you can find around your house or at your local dollar store to build skills such as hand strength and grasping skills to promote fine motor skills.

  1. Q-tips: Use for painting with shaving cream, food colouring or finger paint.
  2. Clothespins: Practice opening and closing to build hand strength and dexterity. You can add some academic skills by adding numbers or letters onto each clothespin to spell words or complete math equations. Clothespins can also be used for dress up or building a fort!
  3. Toothpicks: With clay, it can be used to build three-dimensional shapes or add some extra fun and use marshmallows!
  4. Tongs/Tweezers: Small ice cube tongs or tweezers can be used to pick up and transfer small objects. Try sorting coloured pom poms to add some extra challenge!
  5. Stickers: A fun and great way to practice grasping skills by peeling and sticking. Try placing stickers on a thick piece of paper and use scissors to cut towards the sticker.


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