Enjoy Inclusive and Adapted Recreation Virtually

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Kids and youth can benefit from virtual activities. 

Access to in-person recreation programs has been impacted by COVID restrictions in various communities. Engaging in virtual sessions can still provide the opportunity for kids and youth with disabilities and developmental needs to experience connection, build skills and fun!

Some municipalities and private and public organizations are offering inclusive and adapted programs online this year. Organizations like The Dance Ability Movement continue to provide their programs virtually. Hannah, Dance Ability dancer, and her mom know how great it is to continue some sense of “normalcy” while staying safe and active during the pandemic. Hannah was able to stay connected with friends and stay active by joining their online classes. Check out her dance moves!

Hannah loves Dance Ability. She gets to see her friends even virtually! She has fun dancing and as a family, we have made some long lasting friendships. It’s nice to know that, even virtually, Hannah is getting active and having fun…even during these challenging times!
-    Hannah’s mom

Why is recreation important?
Recreational activities are an important part of every child’s life. Activities, even when virtual, provide the opportunity to grow and develop across all of the F-words for Child Development. Kids of all abilities have a desire to have fun, enjoy friends and function as they are. Every child should have the opportunity to access fitness, plan for their future and join in family activities like inclusive and adapted recreation.

There are so many recreation options for children and youth and although adapted sports (modified for kids with limited mobility) may be difficult to access in a virtual environment, other programs can expose your child to a new activity like music, dance or art while making friends, learning new skills and having fun.
What are the different types of recreation programs?

CTN partners with local municipalities and organizations to support families and children in accessing recreation across Simcoe County and York Region. Together, we work to improve access to recreation through creating and promoting inclusive and adapted programs that meet the needs of our families. CTN local team facilitators (LTFs) work closely with community partners to train and educate staff and volunteers. LTFs provide support to all individuals so they can participate through activity modifications, assistive devices and disability awareness.
There are a variety of programs geared to meet the interests and abilities of ALL participants:

  • Sports (adapted or inclusive but some sports may be challenging in virtual format)
  • Arts (e.g. drama, dance or music)
  • Virtual camps (e.g. Holiday, March Break or summer)
  • Municipal parks and recreation departments (virtual in some regions)
  • Private recreation providers (some offer adapted programs)
  • Non-profit organizations (e.g. ParaSports and Special Olympics)
Some recreation opportunities are already available in your local community. Check out the Virtual Jam Session with Kerry’s Place for Autism Services. It’s a great way for your child to rock out, dance, sing and have fun with peers. It will also allow your child to meet new friends and give them something to talk to their family about (e.g. how it went, what they liked, their favourite song, etc.). For more information on this session and other events and programs, please visit CTN’s event calendar.

Check out the following organizations that are offering virtual adapted programs for children and youth of all abilities.


The Dance Ability Movement

Act Social

Special Olympics

Music Therapy Services of Simcoe County

Art Wonderful

If you have any questions or need more information, please reach out to your LTF