Make Halloween Inclusive! Non-Edible Treats for Kids with Disabilities or Developmental Needs

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Halloween can be an exciting time for kids and parents. 

Searching for the perfect costume, decorating the house with spider webs, carving a pumpkin and buying candy to give to trick or treaters, all add to the excitement leading up to Halloween night. 

For many families and kids with disabilities and devlopmental needs and allergies, this holiday can be a reminder of challenges that exist for kids who can’t eat orally, have sensitivity issues or severe allergies that prohibit them from taking part in eating candy and edible treats.

To make Halloween inclusive to all kids, you can keep a supply of non-edible items that can be found at your local dollar or party supply store.

Here are some fun and inexpensive items to have on hand this Halloween:

  1. Halloween themed stickers
  2. Halloween themed pencils
  3. Mini packages of crayons
  4. Glow bracelets or glow sticks
  5. Temporary tattoos
  6. Halloween themed erasers
  7. Bouncy balls
  8. Self-inking stamps in Halloween themes
  9. Mini flashlights or finger lights 
  10. Mini notebooks
  11. Finger puppets
  12. Bubbles
  13. Miniature magic springs (e.g. Slinky)
  14. Play dough
  15. Party blowers
  16. Beaded necklaces
  17. Silly putty
  18. Small bath/water squirters 
  19. Halloween themed craft kit
 Have a safe and happy Halloween!