Inclusive Easter: 20 Non-edible Treat Ideas and Tips for an Egg Hunt for Kids with Disabilities

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Easter is an exciting time for many kids and parents.Decorating the house, getting the outdoors ready for spring, planting in the garden, hunting for eggs and thinking about what chocolates or candy the Easter Bunny might bring! 

For many families and kids with disabilities, each holiday can be a reminder of barriers or differences that exist. Some kids may not be able to participate in an Easter egg hunt without assistance, or maybe they can’t eat orally, have food sensitivities or severe allergies that prohibit them from taking part in the fun of searching for Easter chocolates. So that all kids can have fun, here are some ideas to make your family Easter more inclusive this year.

Inclusive Egg Hunt Ideas:

Try some of these creative ideas make sure that all kids are included:

  1. Hide filled eggs or treats at table level, use velcro, sticky tac or tape on the outside and “fish” for eggs or even on the wall so that kids in wheelchairs or walkers can easily reach.
  2. Partner kids together to help each other search for treats.
  3. Instead of hiding treats inside eggs that might be difficult to open, try leaving the treats in fun places around the house.
  4. Instead of hunting around the house, make a large sensory bin with rice or shredded paper and hide toys and trinkets for kids to find.
  5. For older children who may like a challenge, hide eggs with clues inside to find their bigger gift or treasure at the end!
  6. For visually-impaired children, consider finding toys or items that make noise, so that kids can enjoy the surprise of finding something new on Easter morning.
  7. Have some learning fun with plastic eggs before, after or during your hunt:
    • Write uppercase letters on one half and lowercase letters on the other half and mix them up. Let the kids find the match for an extra treat!
    • Ask kids to sort them by colour or size for more learning!
  8. Skip the egg hunt and decorate plastic or real hard boiled eggs with stickers, crayons, dye kits or paint.
  9. Create some spring-time and Easter crafts and watch the adorable movie Hop.
  10. Attend a community accessible egg hunt event.

Inclusive Treat Ideas:

For kids who may have feeding concerns or allergies, buy plastic eggs at your local dollar or party story and fill them with these fun, non-edible and inexpensive items so that Easter and spring-time can truly be inclusive of all kids (note: be sure to be mindful of choking hazards for smaller children)!
  1. Spring-themed stickers
  2. Small toy car
  3. Doll clothes
  4. Plastic parachute toy
  5. Dice
  6. Glow bracelets or glow sticks
  7. Temporary tattoos
  8. Spring or Easter erasers
  9. Small bouncy balls
  10. Coupons for admission to local swimming pools or other attractions
  11. "Stampers" (self-inking stamps in spring or Easter themes)
  12. Mini flashlights or finger lights
  13. Finger puppets
  14. Mini bubbles
  15. Hair clips
  16. Pencil grips or fidget toys
  17. Nail polish or lip gloss
  18. Craft supplies
  19. Miniature "slinky" type magic springs
  20. Play dough or Silly Putty
Helping to support kids with disabilities encourages an inclusive environment and helps to raise awareness about the needs of all kids! Happy Easter to all families celebrating this spring!

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