February: CTN's Top Social Media Posts

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What's the buzz on CTN's social media this month? 

We love to connect and engage with our families and community partners on social media! This month we were busy on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

What an exciting month to be social! We witnessed the world celebrating accessibility, saw new innovation in clothing and even celebrated what the new Ontario budget will mean to our families. 

In case you missed it, grab a coffee and check out our most popular posts on Facebook and Twitter this past month:

1. On Facebook, this image of Stevie Wonder and an excerpt from his Academy Award speech brought inclusion and accessibility to the mainstream media and was celebrated around the world.

2. When Lila wanted to skate, her parents made it happen! "Lila’s skating might not look like everyone else’s, but it’s skating nonetheless."

3. Exciting news! New magnet closures on Tommy Hilfiger's new clothing line, is a game-changer for children and adults with disabilities.

4. On Ontario budget day, Tracy MacCharles (the Minister of Child and Youth Services) "liked" and retweeted when we celebrated what this means for our families. 

5. This father and his son who has autism challenged our stereotypes about what it means to have ASD. 

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