Family Engagement: Volunteer and Make a Difference

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Learn more about the impact families are making at CTN and how you can help.

Sherry has a daughter, Ashley, who uses alternative and augmentative communication (AAC). She saw that Ashley needed opportunities to practice using her AAC device with her peers. So Sherry approached Children’s Treatment Network (CTN) and worked with a local Richmond Hill library to develop a program that brought AAC users together at local libraries to practice their communication skills. Called “I can tell a story too”, the program has since expanded to other areas in York Region.

Stories like this help demonstrate the importance of family engagement at CTN. CTN strongly believes in engaging families at all levels—from their own individual experiences to governance and operations. We rely heavily on groups like our Family Engagement Council (FEC) to help us. A collaborative group of parents, caregivers, service professionals and CTN staff, the FEC provides CTN with advice and guidance on policies, planning, implementation and evaluation of family engagement strategies, activities and materials. The volunteers and staff members on our council work as partners and are dedicated to sharing lived and professional experience and expertise.

Wondering what kind of difference you can make? 

Meet Trisha. She has two sons with physical disabilities and is a member of CTN’s FEC. Both of her sons had orthopedic surgeries in Winter 2015. Once the surgeries were completed, the boys spent several weeks in the hospital. When they came home, Trisha worked with her team to coordinate the services and therapy the boys needed. Through this experience Trisha has been instrumental in identifying opportunities to better support families and increasing awareness about the challenges similar families face. Currently, Trisha is continuing to work with a programs and services manager at CTN to figure out how we can ensure the system supports Trisha’s boys and other families who may experience similar challenges.

  Right now we are recruiting several new members for our Family Engagement Council.  You will be joining a group of dedicated volunteers and improving the system for families of kids with multiple special needs. 
If you’re interested in volunteering please visit our family engagement page to learn more and fill out an application! We look forward to working with you.