CTN Receives Generous Donation in Georgina

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Over the last 10 years, CTN has received donations from community members and local businesses.

These donations are often directed to our local sites, therapeutic equipment or our Family Fund which helps provide immediate financial assistance for our families in urgent need.

Last month, we were honoured to receive a donation from Kathy Foch. Kathy has been a realtor in Georgina since 1991.  In that time, she has worked hard to become a leading local realtor, while giving back to the community through a variety of charity events.

As she celebrates 25 years in real estate in her community, Kathy has committed to making a donation to 25 local non-profit agencies in Georgina.  As such, CTN is the lucky recipient of a generous financial contribution to the CTN Georgina Site.

 “To show her appreciation, as she celebrates 25 Years of Real Estate in Georgina, Kathy Foch made a generous donation to Children’s Treatment Network, in Georgina. Thank you Kathy, and the  Kathy’s Christmas Wish (KCW) Foundation for giving back to our community and helping to build brighter futures together for kids with multiple special needs!”

Georgina is a community where most parents commute for work as well as most recreational and leisure events. Local Team Facilitator, Cheryl Westcott, hopes to use this donation to provide a social skills group to families and their children in financial need, in Georgina.

For more information on our Family Fund or to make a donation to CTN, click here.

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