CTN's Virtual Information Fair - #WhatWeWantYouToKnow

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We’re excited to announce that Simcoe County's Information Fair has gone virtual!

Our CTN Local Team Facilitators collaborated with public and private community agencies and vendors to bring information and resources to you.

We've been sharing a series of video interviews on our social media channels so families can learn about how these organizations are implementing fun, fitness, friends, future, function and family (also known as the F-Words of Child Development) into their programs and services as they work with children and youth with disabilities and developmental needs during the pandemic. Learn more by watching the videos from each of the agencies below: 

Special Olympics Ontario
Explore how to enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities through sport. Over the past 50 years Special Olympics has grown from a modest program serving local athletes to become the world’s largest movement dedicated to promoting respect, acceptance, inclusion, and human dignity for people with intellectual disabilities through sports. Special Olympics Ontario has optimized the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle through sport to improve the well-being of individuals with an intellectual disability. They continue to improve and expand the quality, opportunity and accessibility of sport to individuals with an intellectual disability. Along with this, they strive to improve upon both the awareness and support of the community in regards to Special Olympics Ontario and those involved with them. As an organization, they work to ensure volunteers are strongly committed to acting locally while thinking globally. Through these steps, they hope to continue to build upon the past success of the organization.

Autism Ontario
Are you looking for opportunities to help your children, youth and young adults reach their full potential? Watch how Autism Ontario continues to support families, children and youth. Autism Ontario offers unique, local programs and services designed to support children and youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) reach their potential. Their staff and volunteers have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of ASD and are great sources of information on a variety of autism related topics as well as local services and supports.

Dance Ability Movement
We all have the ability to dance. Watch how Dance Ability Movement continues to support families, children and youth of all abilities. They strive to: 

  • Be inclusive for all.
  • Enable dancers to express themselves and realize their potential.
  • Inspire dancers’ participation in a way that is adapted to provide appropriate challenges for each individual in a safe and enjoyable manner.
  • Develop a community among families and participants of The Dance Ability Movement programs and their host studios.
  • Raise awareness about individuals with special needs as contributing members of society.
  • Contribute to the positive health and well-being of its dancers and families.

Community Living Association South Simcoe (CLASS)
Are you looking for opportunities for youth to develop social skills and life skills? CLASS is a non-profit, charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that supports individuals with an intellectual disability. CLASS supports the right of individuals with intellectual disabilities to choose and lead dignified lives within the community. Watch how CLASS continues to support youth and adults.

Checkered Door
Are you interested in opportunities that will help prepare your youth for adulthood? Checkered Door was founded upon the knowledge that youth with intellectual disabilities continue to encounter specific barriers to integrating into their community following secondary school. A gap in service has been identified, specifically, the continued development of social skills, self-regulating emotions and maturing in key elements of good character. Partnering this learning with opportunities for community inclusion prepares the way for individuals to integrate effectively as active members of society in recreation, employment opportunities and daily life.

ACT Social
Did you know you can enhance social and interpersonal skills through play? Act Social is an improvisational theatre program designed for students with autism spectrum disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Down Syndrome, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and other social exceptionality. The program focuses on enhancing social skills through exploration, expression and creative and critical thinking. Students discover ways in which they can participate fully in their community and society by engaging in imaginative and innovative thought and action through play. In addition, students will be given the opportunity to develop the ability to identify and communicate their feelings, ideas and thoughts.

Catulpa Community Support Services
Interested in hearing about potential respite ideas for summer? Catulpa Community Support Services is a registered nonprofit agency, founded in 1973 and serving children, youth, adults and families with special or unique needs in Simcoe County, York Region, the Four Counties (Peterborough, City of Kawartha Lakes, Northumberland and Haliburton Counties) and Durham. Their team is comprised of approximately 100 staff members and they believe that collaboration with those they serve, community agencies and government organizations leads to best outcomes for all.

Community Learning Library (CLL)
Discover online courses that support your journey as a parent of a child with disabilities and developmental needs. The Community Learning Library (CLL) is a  virtual learning platform that offers online learning opportunities to families and professionals who work with children and youth, in Simcoe County and York Region. It's convenient, user friendly and provides relevant content.

FOCUS Employment Services
Check out how to access employment opportunities in the South Simcoe area. Since it's inception in 1985, FOCUS Employmen Services' purpose is to enhance employment opportunities in the South Simcoe area, including Alliston, Angus, Beeton and Tottenham. In 1987, employment services such as employment and career counselling, job search, job postings, resume and cover letter assistance, career decision making and employment workshops were added to the organization giving FOCUS vast experience delivering employment programs in South Simcoe County.

CTN Family Mentor Program
Do you want to connect with another parent who also has a child with disabilities and developmental needs? This unique program offers the opportunity for increased family engagement through volunteer opportunities for those caregivers looking to give back to the CTN community. Trained volunteer family mentors are matched with families seeking guidance and support. The programs also helps families feel more confident, informed and less isolated.

Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital (OSMH) Children's Therapy Services
Want to hear about how the F words you can use as you work on therapy goals? The Simcoe County Early Intervention Services system provides young children with disabilities and  developmental needs and their families with a wide range of services and supports to help them develop to their fullest potential. They support the early identification and treatment of infants and young children with disabilities and  developmental needs up to six years old, or those who may be at risk of experiencing developmental barriers who live in Simcoe County.

Occupational Therapy
Looks at how a child plays, explores, learns and interacts. Occupational therapists help a child and their family develop the skills needed to successfully participate in their day-to-day activities at home and in the community.

Looks at your child's motor development (sitting, crawling, walking, jumping) and the quality of their movement during play. A physiotherapist works with your child and family to teach new skills that may be needed to improve your child's movement.

Did you know that custom sensory rooms can be created? Sensory-scapes believe that the cornerstone to creating a meaningful sensory experience is a thorough understanding of how the brain processes sensory information. At Sensory-scapes they are continually advancing their understanding of sensory processing in people of differing abilities. Their ongoing goal is to craft sensory experiences that make sense to the people they serve.

They are proud to work with schools, childcare facilities, day programs and community services to create both active and calming sensory surroundings for children, youth and young adults. They also design sensory rich products and environments for long-term care homes that incorporate Montessori components and themes.

Georgian College - Community Integration Through Co-operative Education (CICE)
Are you interested in post secondary education for people with diverse learning challenges? Students will discover strengths, interests and develop skills for workplace success in a supported academic environment.This program is designed for students with diverse learning challenges who require academic accommodations and modifications. Students enhance their academic and vocational knowledge and skills in both core and integrated courses and practice this learning on field placements. Facilitators modify integrated courses to students’ specific strengths and abilities and provide accommodations, tutor and support sessions to ensure the work is challenging and achievable. Students prepare for success in entry-level work and build independence and self-advocacy skills for adult life.

Aspire Community & Developmental Services
Discover how to empower youth and young adults with autism and disabilities to gain independence, connect with their community and rise to their fullest potential. They offer life skills coaching and empowerment programs youth and young adults. They also provide support and education for parents and families.

1 to 1 Therapy
Looking for multiple clinical services in one organization? 1 to 1 Therapy Services is a leading therapy centre for children, adults and their families, servicing Toronto, York Region, Peel Region and Durham Region. Their team of practitioners provide speech language therapy, occupational therapy, dietitian services, physiotherapy, psychology and behavioural therapy including Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Early Start Denver Model (ESDM). Their clients range from infants to seniors.Treatment is available at their centre, at home, daycare, private schools and long term care centres. 

Developmental Services Ontario (DSO)
Want to hear more about passport funding? Developmental Services Ontario for the Central East Region (DSO CER)  helps adults with developmental disabilities get access services and supports in their communities. These communities include the Regional Municipality of York, the Regional Municipalities of Durham, Simcoe County, Peterborough County, Northumberland County and City of Kawartha Lakes. 

Ontario Para Network
Interested in wheelchair basketball in your community? Ontario Para Network's mission is to grow opportunities for participation in adaptive sports. As the governing body for wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair tennis in the province, they offer opportunities for athletes with and without physical disabilities to participate in recreational, competitive and high performance programs.

For more information on these agencies, please contact the Local Team Facilitator in your community.