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Children’s Treatment Network Policies

Accessibility Plan and Policy

As a network serving kids and youth with disabilities and developmental needs, accessibility is a key focus and priority. We fully support the Ontario Disabilities Act and are dedicated to meeting and advancing standards set by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). For more information, please view our:

Accessibility Planning Policy
CTN Compliance with AODA - English or French
Committment to Accessibility
CTN Accessibility Plan

Consent and Privacy Policy

The network is committed to protecting the personal health information and privacy of the kids, youth and families we serve. We will ask for your consent to record your child’s history, treatment and progress in a shared electronic record so that all network partners and professionals working with your child and family can develop a coordinated single plan of care and work together in a secure and confidential manner. The network’s Information Sharing and Privacy Policy was developed in accordance with the Child and Family Services Act, the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and the Personal Health Information Protection Act.

Health Record Requests

To request a copy of your/your child’s health record, or to have a copy sent to a health care provider, contact CTN Health Records via email, phone, or fax (see below). To access patient information, we require valid consent allowing us to release information. All requests will be processed within 30 days in accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). To access the Health Records Request form, click here.

Health Records Contact Information:
*Email: healthrecords@ctnsy.ca
Phone: 249-385-6518 or 647-881-8648
Fax: 1-877-797-2402
*If emailing, provide your name and contact information only, do not send detailed personal information via email. We will contact you.

Expense Reimbursement Policy

As a not-for-profit organization funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS), Children’s Treatment Network (CTN) is committed to being fully accountable, compliant and transparent to all our stakeholders regarding reimbursement of business related expenses.

  • To view our Expense Reimbursement Policy for Children’s Treatment Network Staff, Board of Directors, Volunteers and Network Partners - Click here
  • To read more about our Perquisites Policy - Click here
  • Note: CTN does not make perquisites available to the public nor to CTN staff or board members

Family Engagement Policy

Children's Treatment Network is committed to a child and family-centred approach to planning and delivering services and supports to kids and youth with disabilities and developmental needs.  A key component of family-centred care is developing a close partnership with families to ensure there are opportunities for families to be actively engaged in their child’s care and in the ongoing development of the Network.

The Family Advisory Committee (FAC), consisting of clients, family members and Network professionals, provides advice and guidance on all aspects of the Network including operations and the planning and delivery of services and supports for kids and families. To learn more about the FAC, click here.
Family Engagement Policy - English or French
Family Engagement Overview - English or French

Formal Complaint Policy

CTN encourages families to provide feedback.  


CTN and all our network partners are dedicated to providing families with high-quality services and excellent service experiences. Your feedback helps us to address any concerns that you may have. Your input also helps us continually improve network practices so we can enhance our ability to meet the needs of the kids, youth and families we serve. 
If you have a compliment, concern or complaint, we encourage you to speak to your service provider, a member of your child's team, or Community and Family Coordinator right away. If you are uncomfortable speaking with a staff member, or feel your situation requires further attention, please fill out the Formal Complaint Form to submit it directly to CTN.

Formal Complaint Policy - English or French

Stakeholder Feedback Policy

CTN strongly encourages all stakeholders (clients, families, partners, providers and volunteers) to provide feedback and suggestions that could improve CTN’s performance and quality in the achievement of CTN’s mission and vision. Stakeholders are encouraged to share their ideas or suggestions for improvements in any of the following areas:
  • quality of services
  • process and productivity improvements
  • collaboration and partnerships
  • safety
  • cost savings/revenue generation
  • other

Feedback and suggestions will be utilized to inform quality improvement through analysis, reporting and plan development processes.
To read more about our policy, please click here.
To give your feedback or suggestion, please click here.

Procurement Policy

As a publicly funded organization, CTN purchases goods and services in accordance with the Ontario Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive and Supply Chain Code of Ethics. Our commitment to procurement practices that are conducted in an open, competitive and transparent environment ensures that the Network, the kids, youth and families we serve and all our stakeholders receive optimal quality and value for money.
To read more about our policy, please click here.

Declaration of Client Rights and Responsibilities

CTN is committed to protecting and promoting the rights of the people we serve in accordance with the laws of Ontario. Kids, youth and families receiving services and supports from CTN also have responsibilities, so we can work effectively as partners.
CTN Declaration of Client Rights and Responsibilities - English or French.

Our Website

CTN is committed to protecting the privacy of those who use our website. CTN does not systematically collect any information about the identity of individuals searching our website. However, CTN does anonymously collect information through a log file which indicates which pages were visited and how frequently. This information is analyzed to help us develop content that responds to the interests of our website visitors.

We invite you to write us, or from time to time we may ask you to complete a survey about the services we offer online. If you identify yourself in these communications with us, we will never use your words in testimonials that identify you without your explicit prior permission.

Information provided by visitors to CTN’s website is only used as needed to fulfil the stated purpose of their requests. CTN does not disclose, give or sell any personal information about visitors to our website.

CTN is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of the websites to which we link.


This website may provide links to other websites. CTN does not endorse or assume responsibility for the policies or practices with respect to websites accessed through these links. 

This website may contain material contributed by persons other than CTN. Its availability does not mean that we have reviewed it, or constitute an endorsement by CTN.

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