Continuous improvement, high levels of service quality and accountability are at the core of CTN’s commitment to the kids, youth and families it serves.

As a public demonstration of that commitment, CTN was awarded a 3-year accreditation in 2021 through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). This is the highest honor CARF International can grant and confirms that CTN meets internationally recognized organizational and program standards.

Accreditation helps ensure that we are continually focused on providing the highest quality of service to the families we support. It also highlights what we are doing well, and helps us identify what we can do better. It helps us examine how to deliver quality service more effectively, efficiently and in a financially responsible manner.

Earning accreditation involves everyone in the CTN community which includes our clients and families, volunteers, staff members, network partners and members of our Board of Directors. Their voices and input are integral to our commitment to quality.

You can learn more about CARF International by visiting their website at http: