Mission, Vision and Strategic Directions


Building brighter futures together.


Through the collective efforts of community partners, we respond to the evolving needs of children and youth with multiple special needs in Simcoe and York by:

  • Providing and enhancing services
  • Championing system change
  • Building capacity

Strategic Directions

Our strategy provides a roadmap that guides CTN  towards the accomplishment of our mission and vision. We operationalize our goals by organizing our efforts into five key strategic directions:

  1. Work more effectively as a network
  2. Build stronger partnerships and secure additional resources to realize the network's full potential
  3. Lead ongoing innovation and continuous improvement in family-centred, integrated care
  4. Improve technologies, tools and processes that streamline network operations and communications
  5. Improve access to information, services and supports for families

Guiding Principles

CTN's guiding principles define key themes that support our mission, how we engage with our stakeholders and our key accountabilities. CTN is proud to follow the nine guiding principles outlined below:
  1. Potential and Strengths: Believing every person has a purpose, potential and worth, and by focusing on their strengths and abilities.
  2. Dignity and Respect: Treating every person as an individual and with dignity, and deserving of our respect as a basis to develop positive relationships.
  3. Being Inclusive: Accepting of each child and youth, ensuring equity no matter their life experiences, backgrounds or challenges.
  4. Family-centered: Respecting parents, children and youth as integral partners in achieving flexible, holistic and responsive services.
  5. Shared Responsibility and Committment: A partnership model where members value each other, accept shared responsibility and commit to support the network.
  6. Leadership: Being leaders and advocates for the people and communities served.
  7. Evidence-informed and Excellence: Developing a professional practice and network built upon best practices, being evidence-informed and achieving quality and excellence in all that we do.
  8. Innovation and Learning: Fostering a network culture that embraces innovation, continuous improvement and learning, and team approaches.
  9. Accountability: Being accountable for the use of the resources provided, the decisions made and acting with integrity and transparency.

To read our full strategic plan click here.